Why we eat so much…

Eat fewer calories than you spend. Do more exercise and eat less. Easy, Easy, right?Why not do it? I mostly took more than 30 years not doing what they do and know I should not have done, seems confused, imagine my head?

I have read around that how much people eat is directly related to the amount and variety available to them. I have heard repeatedly that is not how much we eat but what we eat that makes us fat as pigs. I also read that some scientists have added a new factor to what is the importance of place and people we live with during meals are also important.

I can say, however, in my experience, this is all important, the place, people, variety and quantity of food available. If we keep control of our elephant, eat enough to keep us alive and healthy. If we allow the stomach to order, eat up the stew and we’ll be angry with the uncomfortable feeling that is to eat like crazy and see all the desperate effort of wanting to be skinny to go down the drain.

What I know after the first month of this new life is “not worth” to eat a lot.

Yesterday I had milk pudding for dessert at home for dinner, I ate a small slice of the pudding and not half of the full pudding as before. The result? I lost weight 300 grams from yesterday to today. 🙂

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3 respostas para Why we eat so much…

  1. 1961 Girl disse:

    Hello there.

    Thank you for stopping by and ‘liking’ my post – Blog Baby!

    Many congratulations on the weight loss.

    I find that if I slow down my eating, it gives my tummy time to catch up and will tell me that it is ‘full’ much quicker than it would have done if I’d eaten too quickly. I’ve noticed that many of my friends who are trying to lose weight are fast eaters and the food has disappeared from the plate long before their tummies have had the opportunity to say ‘enough’!

    Best wishes,


    • Edson Camara disse:

      Hi, Thanks a lot for your support
      You´re right, I am a Road Runner when in the table,BUT I am going to stop that. I already loose about 7 pounds last month.
      I love that figure “BLOG” in steel in your last post, can I use that?
      Best regards
      Edson Camara from Brazil


  2. 1961 Girl disse:

    Hello again.

    Well…the BLOG image doesn’t belong to me so I guess it is fine to use it as long as it isn’t claimed as “yours” or mine!

    Many congratulations on the weight loss. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes,


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