My reasons for weight lost

I believe that for everything in life should be an explanation, so I have sought to findstrong reasons to keep my motivation to be thin. This week I reorder my list of reasonsto lose weight and added three more items to the list:

Reasons that the Edson Camara has to be skinny:

1) Be beautiful and healthy (being beautiful is a matter of perspective, but I am speakinghere of myself isn’t?)Alegre


2) Have the Power for crossing my legs when travel by plane (For those who are fat like I am today, it’s simply impossible to cross our legs between the seats of airplanes)

cruzar as pernas






3) Have the Power to buy clothes in normal shops, like JC Penney and Sears, patterned clothes are made for perfect people.






4) Have the Power to jump on a trampoline without bursting it on the first bounce, no commentSmiley triste


5) Have the Power to fly on an ultra-light without danger to overthrow him and kill me and the pilot who is probably skinny Have you looked at the pilot’s face when you ask if you can make a flight in his ultralight?

ultra leve

For now this is my list, If you have any idea to add it, please feel comfortable in forward it to me.


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