Churrascarias (steak houses)


Boi preto (black ox) churrascaria in Fortaleza , Brazil

In Brazil there are these typical barbecue restaurants that we call “Churrascarias”. In these places people usually eat as if making a last meal of his life. Many eat the equivalent of two days of meals in two hours.
In addition of steaks also other types of foods are available in churrascarias, for example, Japanese food, seafood, cheeses, salads and various desserts full of calories.
It is also a custom of ours, here in Brazil, concluding a business meeting around a table and barbecue lunch lengthen throughout the afternoon. Many times the business details are finalized on these lunches.

food bar in a "churrascaria"

It is very difficult to maintain a diet of fewer calories in a churrascaria.
Yesterday I spent all morning in a meeting which was transferred to a chrrascaria where we talk, discuss, drink and eat the rest of the afternoon. It was difficult but not impossible, and I managed to keep my diet (more or less). I gained 300 grams and I amoutdated in my goal the week in a brand new 600 grams (1,3 pounds), nothing that I can not kill until the next measurement on Saturday this week.
The important thing learned is to be aware that dietary control is eternal for people like me is for life, and we should not let a lunch, for more special that could be, disrupt this goal.

I didn´t have the time to honour my post a day yeterday due to these meetings and long lunch.

Picanha no espeto, most popular of the churrascaria´s itens



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