Enormously fat!

Another week has passed. I got lost 100g this week. “Congratulations Mr Camara, thus continuing arrive at the final day of the challenge with 2 kg less and not 20 as is hired”. What a shame.

I do not understand. Normally I have a strong willpower and am very persistent to learn things and get on with my plans. But this business of losing weight and exercising seems to me something from another planet.

There is not a single day when I go to sleep determined to startin over and in the next morning? I am just defeated. Walk now? nope, the night I do. Oh! just another crisp toast with cream cheese, please.

I have lost count of how many times I have re-started the diet and I put everything to lose by gluttony and sloth, two strong capital sins, I guess ythis way I am not committed to my going to the kingdom of heaven. I’m discouraged with this thing.

I & Harrison. Just so I have an exact idea of ​​how much I am enormously fat!

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